The 2016-2017 Carol Chidester Memorial Swim Series

Maryland is hosting a 6-meet swim series for 2016-2017.

Meets are free to all registered Maryland LMSC Swimmers who register online. Registered swimmers from other USMS LMSC’s are welcome for a fee of $25 with online entry.

The Swim Series Challenge will include meets through Feb-ruary 2017. An award will be given each swimmer who com-petes in all of those meets and/or completes any twelve (12) different individual events. Awards will be presented at the sixth and nal meet.

Each meet will have a mini- mum of 50-100 of each stroke, 100 & 200 individual medley, 200 freestyle, and a 200 of another stroke. The 500 free- style and 400 individual med- ley will be scheduled in at least two of the meets. The course for all meets is expected to be short course yards (SCY).

Swim Series Details


Dancel YMCA in Ellicot City

4:00 PM Warm-Up / 4:45 PM Start


Washington College

8:00 AM Warm-Up / 8:45 AM Start


Talbot County YMCS, Easton

8:00 AM Warm-Up / 8:45 AM Start


Arundel Olympic Swim Center

3:15 PM Warm-Up / 4:00 PM Start


Severna Park Community Center

5:00 PM Warm-Up / 5:45 PM Start


Arundel Olympic Swim Center

3:15 PM Warm-Up / 4:00 PM Start

Swim Series Chair & Coordinator

Rand Vaillancourt